It’s an NGO works in the most deprived, downtrodden communities. The focus work area is Purulia district some of the interventions are also in Bankura and west Midnapur district of WB and Jharkhand, Bokharoand Dhanbad, in Jharkhand the collaborations with Tata steel medical unit.

The urban interventions are in slums of north Kolkata from Baranagar to Kamarhati covering 15 km lakh families. Its rural interventions started with health campus in Para block of Purulia district as early as 2005. 

In 2008, 30 bed eye hospitals was established for providing health and it also runs a school upto class five rural people at presently 100 bed hospital.

As Nanritam provides health facility, education and empower the small and marginal farmers to use their potential. With the managerial help with SFI, Nanritam collaborates with MNC’s and make buy back agreement with farmers for seed production in Purulia and Bankura.

Nanritam in order to bring about a change in the plight of the population launched its agricultural initiatives at Para block, Purulia – Nanritam Krishi Kendra”. Agriculture, being the main occupation of the population could alone serve as a major driver for growth and poverty alleviation.

Hence NKK was launched with the objective to bring about sustainable agricultural development in the drought prone villages of Purulia, thereby improving the livelihood of the associated population. The work began in 9 villages of Para block with 70 farmers participating initially. Today, NKK has 2253 farmers from 21 villages participating in the various programmes launched.

The main occupation of both the tribes and general population of Purulia is agriculture. In-spite of high agricultural participation, income generated through agriculture is not significant thereby adversely affecting the standard of living of the population.


To link marginal and small farmers to technology like seed production as well as the buyback agreement for ensure markets in association with private, corporate or cooperative sector and if necessary, by providing backward and forward linkages like financial institutional and production organizer and input supplier help to farmer by creating a window for agri-entrepreneurs.


To promote Agri -entrepreneurship by encouraging farmers and private sector interest in seed production. Invest and to make linkages to ensure the empowerment of all farmers in the Purulia and Bankura.


1) Involving more number of farmers to adopt good and modern farming practice.

2) Paddy productivity enhancement program.

3) Shift from mono-cropping to multi cropping concept.

4) Promotion of cultivation of common vegetables in seed production.

5) Paddy seed production and processing unit at Para, Purulia, West Bengal.


2010: Sustainable agriculture programme has been launched in Barandanga, Para, Purulia since May 2010, with 70 farmers in 10 villages of Para Block. S.R.I (System of Rice Intensification) technique could be launched successfully on 2 Acres of lands.

2011: In 2011 about 35 women’s group in the villages comprising of more than 400 women have done musroom cultivation with substantial producttion of the crop, having had training from Nanritam Krishi Kendra (NKK).


13 villages –Livelihood promotion work going on through SHG & FIG.

10 Villages - work going on through non- SHG Farmers

Total coverage area – 1500-1700 ha.

Total farmers -864

FIGs & SHG members = 541

Non SHG Members -323

FIG’s – 22 groups ; No. of members - 277

SHG’s – 22 groups ; No. of members – 264

2013: Nanritam Krishi Kendra collaborated with Dept. Of Agri & Horticulture and local Panchayet of PARA Block started work on MGNREGS Program. In this program Nanritam Krishi Kendra Completed 25 Hectare Fruit Orchard & 10 Hectare Social Forestry & 50 Hapa Completed in this year.

2014: Nanritam Krishi Kendra stared work on 300 Acres Certified Paddy Seeds Production Program and 250 Acres Certified Pulses Seeds Production Program.

2015: Nanritam Krishi Kendra Started work on Certified Seed production programme, Kishian Credit Card and Hybrid Vegetable Seed production Through State Seed Corporation, National Seed Corporation, Nath seeds ,Syngenta , Indo- American ,Nunhems



A short documentary on NANRITAM and it's associate organizations.


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